Wednesday, June 3, 2009

from one to the next....

So I know I was suppose to post and post, and post all the live long day. But things have gotten in the way. I finished this cool flyer for my friend Cecily... Then realized I was wasting my time because she didn't want it. Kinda soured me even more to the graphic design thing. You tell me, which better... I'm starting to think my eye for what's cool is gone... Or maybe I don't need to do graphic design as a career.The first one is the one she picked, it's cute. But I felt it was a little on the drab side. The second one I really thought she would love, but she didn't care for it. This happened before with a logo I did (with my good girl Carly) for this author P.C. Cast. Tis Life , I guess.On to the next. Now I'm working on Some stuff for a play "Gage: Part 1 A Rock Musical". I'll be posting those soon.

Well,with all is said and done, I'm glad she got what she wanted... And I got paid... Which brings me to another thing. All my money is gone... I've gotten to the point where I drink myself into empty pockets. It's sad really. I don't know when to say when. I'm actually beating myself up about it... And with that said. I'm gonna promote my new fav series "True Blood". I love this show.

Weird transition, but what isn't these days...

See ya on the other side,

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