Friday, May 22, 2009

i went back and censored my art...

I not to sure how I feel about it. I guess, it was for the people who don't care for porny things (Or maybe erotic is a better word)... Don't get me wrong. I feel that in art, censorship is wrong. But as the artist, is it ok to censor yourself? I'm not sure if I should separate it, and just have another diggyverse for my more adult stuff... Any thoughts, from anybody? (Oh, I'm referring to the last sketch in my first blog. This is my second... Obviously)

Since I'm not purely an X-Rated artist, sometimes I draw some naughty-ish things. Not just gay things either. I don't know if people want to see that stuff all the time. I want this blog to be accessible to anybody who loves fun art & coolness. And they'll be fantasy, comics , graphic design projects, or just things I think are interesting. Even my thoughts and stuff, about stuff.... But mostly art and fun. Plus, i thought was a good question to pose...

Or should I say the penis posed the question. (No, it was more the fact, that I told my teacher about this blog and wasn't sure how appropriate it was.)

Then again I could be just be over thinking all this. It's just a penis right, and penises have been in art for centuries. Whatever.

Seeya on the Otherside,

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